ChainRunner Q
ChainRunner Q
The following documentation describes the language and procedures of ChainRunner Q.
Q is the first version of ChainRunner, with many more versions to come. As an all-rounded executive blockchain chef with handy automated DeFi recipes, Q helps perform and “cook” different DeFi scenarios across multiple platforms in one place. For example, Q executes all the functions within your order of the DeFi recipe: “Deposit liquidity pool (LP) tokens to BiFi-WETH pool” within your entering of the amount of WETH in just a few clicks.
While there are many aggregators out there, Q is the most flexible automated DeFi aggregator with its pre-built scenarios (recipes). Normally, if you want to “swap 1 ETH worth of BiFi tokens on SushiSwap and deposit the swapped tokens to BiFi-WETH pool on BiFi”, you would need to first swap the tokens, then deposit across two different DeFis. This is like running around different kitchens to cook one menu. With Q, you can do it all in one place by clicking on the recipe, and Q will be your sous-chef to take charge of the rest.
ChainRunner Q is the game-changer to make BIFROST and the entire blockchain ecosystem much more self-sustainable and superior. Anyone with coding skills and Markdown knowledge is welcome to contribute to making Q smarter, thereby becoming pioneers of this exciting space.
Moving forward, ChainRunner Q will integrate any kind of DeFi recipes. We envision this platform to grow into a permissionless, profit-sharing automated recipe book where contributors can share their unique strategies and together disrupt the blockchain space.
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